Friday, May 04, 2007

The Scottish Election

Scottish National Party 47 seats
Labour 46 seats
Liberal Democrats 16 seats
Conservatives 17 seats
Other 3 seats

Clearly the Powers of Darkness have not been kept at bay this time around. The Scottish National Party have squeaked ahead by a single seat. We can look forward now to several years of listening to how every problem in the world can only be solved if Scotland is truly independent. Once independence is achieved, the weather will improve, flowers will be brighter, the rocks and stones will ooze money.

Locally here in Tweeddale, the Lib Dem incumbent Jeremy Purvis has held the seat by 10,656 to 10,058 for the SNP's Christine Grahame. They both worked very hard and it's certainly been a squeaker.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Monday, April 30, 2007

Some comments I agree with from somebody called 'The Gray Monk'. Half of the opprobrium and maliciousness one sees coming from belligerent parties in ecclesiastical disputes (if it's not a case of shallow opportunism) seems based on the fear that we really are absolutely alone in working these things out for ourselves. The Church is the work of the Spirit of God. Calculating the number of people at a particular service has always been a lousy way of deciding whether the Church is doing the work of its Master.

It's terribly important that where there is to be a community meal or some other social occasion where a glass of wine (or two) might be served that it take place 'after' the communion service and not before. The Social Convenor in my congregation is asked to please take note.